Favourite Alex Vause things > when she’s vulnerable.



I’ll be deleting my tumblr very soon and I’d LOVE to add you on facebook, instagram and/or twitter. If you feel comfortable adding me, please just drop me a message and I’ll link you to my profiles. 

Also, if you’re curious about my decision, I’ll be happy to explain what’s happened… just not publicly.

Thank you!

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the problem with tattoos is that i can only get them in hidden places (work stuff, you know) but the more i get, the more i want.

remember when i said i was getting another tiny tattoo right beside my boob? lmao somehow it turned into a v big tattoo on my back

oh well

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"What are you thinking about?"
"I come here to not think."

(Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam)

Favourite Alex Vause things > her sass.

you snap back to being important to each other, because you still are 




It looks better on you. requested by deal-is-our-always